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Jew Gigolo
in Nazi México


Psychology major MANNY GOLDMAN unwittingly becomes a secret sex-slave to Mexican Cartel Widows. His only worry becomes trying not to fall in love with beautiful rich women, until he’s slipped a mickey and mistakes The Rise Of Mexican Nazis as a Homosexual Christmas Party.  Manny’s life is upended as Trump campaigns for Don of America, Jesus El Chapo escapes prison, raises an army of Mexican Drug Cartels, Nazis, and Homosexuals, then a bomb blows up Bubby, Manny’s Grandma, in the holy place, sukkot.  


Manny turns to comedy as a way to deal with Survivor’s Guilt, suicidal thoughts, and traumatic memories of Bubby recollecting how her and Israel Carmi hunted Nazis. “GERMANS,” Bubby would shout that she, “KOSHERED ‘EM WITH JEWISH JUDO, JUJITSU, AND THIS CHALIF,” a razor-sharp sacred silver-knife, that seemed to shimmer and shine with her smile as she raised, twisted, and admired it in Florida sunshine. On the comedy stage, nervous and thinking he may die, Manny is a success, but when the audience laughs, Manny cries.


The Antagonist, diplomacy-officer TORO MARÍA VERDE, struggles with sexuality and survival in highly volatile México turning Nazi. He’s smarter than Manny, strong as a bull, and a decorated hero. Manny doesn’t like Toro. Toro shares his escape plan from Nazis among the Gay Community, but Manny won’t pretend. Manny insults and laughs at Toro, and struggles to take something precious away. In retaliation, Toro finagles his way to the rank of SS Full-Bird Colonel, then commands a Nazi Brigade to hunt Manny.


Yoyo is as beautiful as starlight and the precious thing over which Manny and Toro fight.  She’s a blood-member of an 

ancient tribe with animal-like endurance, a Pablo Escobar Company spy, and maybe something darker. She turns to the Church to cope with guilt, lust, and vengeful thoughts. Yet, Yoyo’s revolutionary and stubborn. Discontent as a nun, Yoyo wants to move up to Priest. She loves Manny and Toro, but blames one for her deepest pain. Which is unclear, but Yoyo becomes Hell-bent on vengeance. As Manny’s life looses shape, he struggles to hold onto a culture of matzo, briskets, and blintzes with Bubby’s shechita, which is a Magic Key, or another slipped-mickey has Manny as high as the mountains and Nazis he’s trying to escape.


Jew Gigolo in Nazi México is a sexy, comic, adventure that seriously reveals some of México’s unknown histories, cultures, and struggles for place and decency. A story about struggling with painful memories and moving on. A story about becoming something one is not in order to survive. A linear three-act story told in first-person past-tense with recollections from a vigilante grandmother, loaded with Jewish, German, and Indigenous American cultures and humors.


What is Psychohistory?

Answered simply, Pyschohistory is a psychological approach to politics.


According to, Psychohistory is a historical analysis, a work of history, or interpretation using psychological and psychoanalytic methods.


To sum the thoughts of Nick Duffel, writing for, Psychohistory employs psychological knowledge in order to give more logic and scope to the past, analyzing societies rather than individuals, exploring how collective consciousness shifts toward national mind-sets and creates world-views. Psychohistory stories may highlight how people collectively collude to avoid inconvenient truths, or to protect a favorable identity. Psychohistory can sometimes find the missing piece in the puzzle, or discover what an emerging zeitgeist might reveal. Psychohistory is an evolutionary and crucial too for analyzing political systems and pointing toward needed direction.

Feeling so threatened by this genre, “The British Government has banned Psychohistory!”


Manuel Minder is an M. F. A. writer from Lindenwood University and a historian of Jews in the Americas, fences épée, golfs, explores in a boat and a dunbuggy, and lives in El Paso, Texas with a bull, a howler monkey, a wolf, and a German.